Top Tips About Campfire Cooking

If you are one of those people who are a little intimidated about cooking over an open fire, don’t be. Campfire cooking should be straightforward with the following tips.

Build the Right Fire

The most important thing to do when preparing a meal is to create the right fire. The key to building a campfire is to locate it in a safe location and identify its primary purpose. If you intend to use the fire for cooking, for instance, build a “hunter’s fire” which happens to be quite manageable for cooking purposes.

Choose a Cooking Method

There are many ways to cook over a campfire. The type of food you are planning to use often determines the approach used to prepare the meal. If you are planning to roast some marshmallows, for example, a campfire with moderate flames and a grill can help you get the job done. So let’s say when you are cooking with a pot, the flame characteristics should be somehow different.

Clean Out Your Site

After you are done with cooking, and you no longer need the fire, you need a bucket of sand or water to extinguish it. Cleaning and securing the site requires you to ensure that the ashes are smothered or completely cold.