Na Pali Coast

The Na Pali coast is a popular tourist destination. Both residents and tourists love the attractions on this island. The 11-mile hiking trail leading to the Kalalau Valley is mesmerizing and foreboding for adventurers who are often after trails with a high difficulty rating. If you are planning to camp here for several days, you need a camping permit.

Why Visit?

Well, you need a permit to visit, but will the experience be worthwhile? Certainly. The sandy beaches, waterfalls, deep lush valleys, and sea cliffs make Na Pali Coast a one of a kind camping destination. Fit and healthy outdoor enthusiasts will always have a chance to enjoy more after covering the trails.

Best Time to Visit

The popularity of this camping destination means that tourists are always flocking here. The weather in this area, generally, is not very predictable. But from May through to October, this island tends to be hot and humid. If you are planning to visit, you need to make your reservations and get your camping permit early.

Popular Activities

Besides camping, hiking is a key attraction. Once you get to this island, you can hike the 11-mile trail to camp at Kalalau. But if you are visiting from mid-May to September, you can use the sea route. The sea route, however, should be left to experienced kayakers who also have some knowledge of the local weather patterns.

The Na Pali Coast is a fantastic place to go for camping. You need to prepare well to enjoy your stay here. When packing, for instance, you need mosquito repellants, sunscreen, rain gear, and other camping equipment. It is worth noting that open fires are not allowed here; carry a fire stove instead.