Tips for Hiking and Camping in Rainy Environments

So, you have just planned a camping trip, only to realize that the weather forecast predicts that there will be some rain during that period. With the excitement which comes with the opportunity to disconnect from the pressure of your daily routine and a chance to experience nature, the last thing that should be on your mind is to cancel the trip or postpone. Here are some tips for camping and hiking in the rain that will see you get the best out of your adventure.

Dress for the Weather

You should always brace yourself for what the environment throws at you whenever you are going for a hike or camping. If there is any chance that you will be spending some time in the rain, for instance, you need to have some waterproof gear. You also need to layer your clothing to stay warm. You also need to have proper footwear. Things such as the terrain, distance, and the need for water resistance determine the shoe you wear. It is all about comfort and safety.

Walk with Caution

Hiking in the rain can be risky. To minimize the risk of suffering from injuries, for instance, you should always be conscious of where you are stepping. As a tip, you should avoid trails with slippery rocks, especially when there is a downpour. Knowing your route in advance will help you plan accordingly, thus avoiding unnecessary surprises.

Locate Your Tent

Where you pitch the tent matters a lot. A campsite should be dry, it should be stable to avoid caving in, and it should be away from areas prone to storm damage. If you are camping on low grounds, you should also avoid water paths or areas which are prone to flooding.

Pitch a Sturdy Tent

Once you have the ideal spot to pitch the tent, you need to get the set up right. After the tent is secured on the ground, you also need to ensure that the rain fly is tight enough, and it should be away from the tent. You might also consider the possibility of adding some sturdy tarps around the campsite for added protection, especially during the rainstorms.

Keep the Inside of the Tent Dry

While protecting yourself against the rain, it is equally essential to ensure that the inside of the tent remains dry and clean. You need to take some proactive steps such as ensuring the canvas is well ventilated, taking off wet clothes while under the tarp, and avoid doing anything which might lead to moisture build or wetness inside the tent.

Enjoying your adventures in the woods requires some planning. So, whether you are camping alone or in the company of some friends or family members, you cannot afford to fail to plan.