Cape Henlopen State Park

Cape Henlopen State Park is the perfect campground for anyone wishing to camp in a marine environment with modern amenities. Pitching your tent at this park allows you to experience lighthouse views, ocean breezes, and soft dunes right from your tent.

This article shares a brief overview of some fantastic attractions at Cape Henlopen Park.

  • The Cape Henlopen Campground inside: Located inside the park, this campsite is one of the best and most scenic places to pitch your tent. This location provides you with convenient access to the park’s trails, beaches, and fun activities.
  • The Cabins: The cabins at Cape Henlopen are known to be exceptionally cute. For anyone with a small family who doesn’t want to sleep in sandy sleeping bags or leaking tents, cabins are a perfect alternative.
  • Cape Henlopen Beach: This is an ideal beach for anyone who loves spending their time in marine environments. Along the shores, there is a lot to enjoy including the frolicking dolphins, hundreds of horseshoe crabs, and lots of shorebirds. The unique surfing beach and quiet waters make it a perfect family destination.
  • Hiking Trails: Cape Henlopen is home to some fantastic hiking trails. The Walking Dunes Trail, Bike Loop, and Pinelands Nature Trail are some of the best paths to explore in this park.