Top Five Scientific Health Benefits of Camping

Most people go camping because they are bored with city life and they just want some calm and peace out in the woods. What most people do not realize is that camping has many more benefits apart from just leisure. It has some health benefits discussed below.

Fresh Air and More Oxygen

When you get out into the woods, you get to breathe in not only better and fresher air, but you also get more oxygen. That feel-good feeling that people experience at the campsite is not just due to the oxygen; it is also due to the release of serotonin due to the higher oxygen exposure. More oxygen also makes your body use less energy; thus, you get that relaxing feeling that kicks in during a camping experience.

Get a Vitamin Boost

When you are outdoors, you enjoy more sunshine, which leads to more vitamin D absorption. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in controlling your calcium and phosphate levels, which helps keep your bones strong and healthy. Also, studies show that increased vitamin D levels can help to treat some forms of depression and prevent other conditions like heart attacks and high blood pressure.

Better Sleep

Camping involves a lot of physical activity, and one can look forward to better sleep compared to if they were at home. Also, camping offers a period to unwind and relax, which enhances the quality of your sleep. Studies have shown that people who get more hours of deep sleep experience health benefits like reduced inflammation and better concentration during the day. Also, many campers report that they have better sleep patterns after a camping experience.

Get more Exercise

Camping involves many physical activities right from choosing a good campsite, setting up the tent, gathering wood, and even preparing food. Even if you engage in a less demanding activity, like fishing, you will still burn more calories than if you were stuck at the office or home binge-watching a movie. Studies have shown that, on average, for any camping trip, you can burn at least 100 calories per hour.

Better Mental Health

Our lives have gotten busy and stressful, and all this stress tires us not only physically but also emotionally. Also, most people report having experienced physical and mental burnout at one point in their lives due to work-related stress. Camping offers you the peace of mind you need to relax and rejuvenate before resuming work.