Modern Day Camping in the UK

There are a lot of great ways to be able to enjoy the outdoors, but one which tops the list for many is to make their outdoor experiences revolve around camping. There are many good reasons for this, but the camping approach has taken on some significant changes, compared to the old ways of spending a weekend out in the wilderness.

The Old Camping Basics

No matter whether it was an individual, couple or family when it came to a camping adventure, only the basics were considered as to what would be taken. It would all begin with scouring through some news magazines or listening to some ads to find some good camping spots. Then, it would be a matter of gathering up the camping equipment. This would consist of the following as a minimum:

  • A simple tent just big enough to accommodate for sleeping with a sleeping bag for each person.
  • A camp stove with a few pots and one set of dishes for each camper.
  • A cooler with just enough food for each meal.
  • A change of clothes for every two days.
  • A first aid kit and a flashlight.

If all of these were on board when setting out for a weekend of camping, then the campers felt quite confident in being prepared to enjoy a family outing.

The New Camping Basics

A lot of people are enjoying camping now because they are realizing the health benefits. Campers can rely on an app like Livi so they can always get medical help when needed.

When it comes to location, convenience is going to be high on the list. The difference is the combination of combining comfort and nature. Most campers want warm beds and good food, but all surrounded by an environment that provides the very same atmosphere of sleeping out in the woods and under the stars. In other words, a camping resort would fit the criteria perfectly. As for many it has the best of both worlds.

For those who want to give the family a more impressive outdoor camping experience, then it may mean having a vehicle big enough to hold what would now be considered camping necessities. Such as:

  • A big tent with sleeping, cooking and leisure areas
  • A multi-burner stove or portable barbecue
  • Enough dishes so nothing had to be washed
  • Power supplies for devices
  • A cot or air bed for comfort

These are what many modern-day campers feel are the necessities; the “nice to have” camping list would be much longer. It is only natural that changes in camping would take place over the years. As long as the real intention of being able to experience nature in this way holds firm, then change may be good.