Fun Family Camping Games

So, you are planning to go camping and escape the toils of everyday life. Technology has denied most people the opportunity to have fun devoid of electronic gadgets. If you are planning to take a family vacation, however, you should leave those gadgets behind. What can you do without gaming devices and televisions? Here are some fun-to-play camping games.

Scavenger Hunt

Playing scavenger hunt makes everyone get on their feet and experience nature. You can design the game in two main ways; plant some objects around the campsite or look for things which are found within the vicinity of the campground. Let everyone know the objectives of the game, possibly before they embark on the hunt.

Story Telling

The best time for storytelling is just when the day is about to end. As much as possible, this should not be a one-person show. Instead, you should let everyone play an active role. Round-robin storytelling, for instance, allows everyone to add something to a given story whenever they please.

Constellation Hunt

This is a map-oriented activity which lets you look for constellations in a book, and try to locate each on the sky. You can even tell a tale about a given constellation, and let the kid try to decipher.