Choosing a Family Tent

If you are planning to take your family for camping, by now, you should have an idea of some basic camping essentials required for a worthwhile stay in the woods. You need one or several tents. There are undoubtedly many different types of tents out there. Thus, what works for you might not work for someone else. That said, here are some essential factors to consider when choosing a family tent for camping.


One of several important aspects to think about when buying a family tent is the size of the canvas. Tent sizes are often described based on the maximum number of people they can accommodate. Whether you are buying a two-man, four-man, or a six-man tent, the rule of the thumb is to ensure everyone has at least 30 square feet of floor space for themselves. It is also essential to look at the headspace; adults need significantly larger areas than those required by kids.


Camping tents come in many shapes or designs. Some conventional designs include; A-frame, umbrella, dome, and wall. If you are looking for a tent for family camping, umbrella designs measure up well. Umbrella tents offer ample standing room, they have decent windows, and they are excellent for wet environments. A-tents, just like wall tents, can be quite spacious for a family.


Most camping tents you see in the market are made from nylon. Nylon, unlike other fabrics, is specifically suited to outdoor conditions. One of the main reason camping tents are made from nylon, is because this material offers superior waterproofing properties. Even if it gets rainy out there, this material will not let water into the tent; thus keeping you safe.